Half-Rats Giggle Water Society

IMG_5740Sign-up now to be a part of a very special tasting-club the Professors affectionately call the Half-Rats Giggle Water Society.

The Half-Rats will gather the first Tuesday of every month starting in March (March 3rd) where we will sample two rare and/or unique bottles.  It could be a whiskey or scotch or gin or rum or even a liqueur. The Professors will also tell you a little bit about the spirit and the bottle. You have no idea what the Professors will surprise you with! Then at the end of the tasting you’ll also get a cocktail and some spirited conversation.

The Half-Rats Giggle Water Society costs is $200 for the year, which is only $16 a month. Which is a good deal as you will be sampling two rare/unusual/often expensive bottles you wouldn’t normally purchase and would NEVER be able to sample without this unique society.  Plus, a free cocktail after each sampling as well! We may even let you taste some of our new charcuterie meats and cheeses we often rotate out. All our members will have a card you can keep at the bar to write down what we’ve tasted and any tasting notes you have.

ONLY 25 PEOPLE will be allowed to be members of the Half-Rats Giggle Water Society so sign up NOW! Once we receive payment we’ll send you some information and get your information in return.  You can sign up by clicking the link below or coming in to Thomas & Moriarty’s. We’ll see you dirty rats soon!